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South Point

Gedser is Denmark's southernmost city, but you have to actually move a few kilometers to the southeast to get to Denmark's southernmost point:

Gedser Odde at 54° 33' 31'' north latitude.
Denmark and thus Scandinavia and Nordic southernmost point is marked with the South Stone.
Gedser Odd is actually at the same latitude as Schleswig in northern Germany.
The stone was erected on 25.5.1990. It is a gneiss, weighing approx. 4 tons.
The South Stone is from the Ice Age and is approx. years old (1 billion).

It is probably "made" in Swedish Baltic Sea area, after which it was dragged along by the ice that has left it at Skelby beach.
Now it has been given a place of honor here, as the southernmost marker of Scandinavia.

By Gedser Odde we find a military building that was in use until the Cold War was ended immediately after the Berlin Wall came down. The Marine Station was used to observe any movement on the water - peaceful as hostile.

The task is done otherwise today, so the building was sold to Sydfalster municipality, later Guldborgsund that has opened the area, so tourists can enjoy the nature and the South Stone.

Gedser Odde nature is something special.
To the south, there may be quiet while the storm whippes 'around the corner', where the sea is also in the process of eating away at the clay cliffs.
It is rare that there is no wind at the southern tip.
Therefore, you get plenty of fresh air on a trip around it, where it is also possible to find Amber - best with onshore gales - sea urchins, belemnites or rattle stones.

The 'harsh' southern tip is in sharp contrast to the friendly and wide sandy beach just a few hundred meters to the north. When the landscape changes so abruptly, it is because the sea is trying to offset the coastline make it right.

Therefore sand is deposited north of the point on both sides, while the sea eats away the clay cliffs at the very tip.
On the eastern side of the point, you may still see the remains of German bunkers from World War II.

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