skelby kirke

Skelby Church

You can see the Church on the high hills of Skelby from far away out in the otherwise flat landscape of Southfalster.

The original church was built between the years 1200 and 1250 in Romanesque style as a brick church in red brick. Remains of the west wall can be seen built into the church tower, which was built around 1400. In 1857 the church was very dilapidated, and the chancel and nave was demolished and rebuilt in yellow brick.

The church organ is a Bruno Christensen organ from 1971. The altarpiece was painted by F. Lund 1857​​, the same age have the pulpit. The font is a late Roman limestone font from Gotland from approx. 1200, and on the triumph wall hangs a choir arch crucifix from the 14th century.


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