Nysted Offshore Wind Farm

nysted offshore wind mill park

Administration, maintenance and operation of the wind farm is in spite of the Nysted Wind Farm name from Gedser where buildings for this purpose is placed at the Lodsstraede street.

The Wind farm is a joint venture with Energy2, DONG and Sydkraft. SEAS is responsible for the cable network, substation and connection to the mainland grid. The park consists of 72 Bonus 2.3 MW offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 158.4 MW and an expected annual output of 500 million kWh, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 100,000 single-family homes.

Data on wind turbines:
Mill Cabin with wings weighs 135 tonnes
tower weighs 100 tonnes
foundation 1800 tonnes
total weight. mill is 2045 tonnes.
Start Wind min. 3 m / s
full production from 13 m / s (strong wind)
Stop wind 25 m / s (storm)
Water depth 6-10 meters
8 rows by 9 mills
distance between the turbines 480 meters

There are used 72 km cables to connect the wind farm to the grid.

Nysted Vindmøllepark
Lodsstræde, 4874 Gedser

Website: http://www.nystedhavmoellepark.dk

nysted offshore wind mill park

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