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Gedser Lighthouse

Gedser Lighthouse is Denmark's southernmost lighthouse:
From the top there is a magnificent view to Lolland, Germany and across the country. On a clear day you get a beautiful impression of the southfalster landscape.

Gedser Reef has always been dangerous for shipping - although it is hard to imagine that the shipping lane is narrow out from the south point due to low depths, and therefore it has early been necessary with a marker.

The current lighthouse was inaugurated in 1802, but before it had a charcoal lighthouse, which received its light from charcoal, which was ignited in a clay pot. The light could be seen 10 kilometers away - past Gedser Reef lightship, which was withdrawn in 1976.
It was prohibited to sail in the dangerous area between the lighthouse and lightship without a pilot, therefore there was also a pilot station south of the current Lighthouse.

The charcoal lighthouse was replaced by 12 wick lamps in 1846. In 1896 the wick lamps had to give way to petroleum, which was in use until 1943, when the lighthouse chganged to electric power from a DC power plant in Gedser. Today SEAS supplies electricity to Gedser lighthouse whose light can be seen 48 km away.

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From Gedser you can walk along the beach to both the lighthouse and Gedser Odde - or you can choose to take the car.

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