gedser church

Gedser Church

The three parishes Skelby, Gedesby and Gedser, are served by the same priest living in the rectory in Gedser.

Gedser Church - Danmmarks southernmost church - built for private funds collected. The church was commissioned Palm Sunday, March 1915, but has never been completely finished. It is the first church on the Gedser Odde, since there only lived very few people on Falster until the railway and the port was built.

According to legend, one could not build a church in Gedser, it would immediately be washed into the sea by a storm surge as soon as it was finished.
Therefore we are missing a stone somewhere in the church, as the old master builder Andersen from Strandvej never placede the last stone nor told anyone about - so no one knows where in the church the stone is missing. Masonry Master took the secret with him to the grave.

The church was designed by the famous architect PV Klint Jensen, who also designed Grundvigskirken in Copenhagen - therefore the two churches has many similarities. The architect himself has also designed the pulpit, the baptismal font of granite and the seven-branched lysstage.

The ship's ceiling is an arched wooden ceiling that in a verdant symbolizes an inverted ship's hull, for the population, sailors and fishermen a sybol of rescue and salvation. The Choir mural was created by E. Riseby.

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