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published on the occasion of Gedser City's 100th anniversary:

Published by Bank SDS Falster-Eastlolland in December 1985 in cooperation with the Cultural Memorial Association and museum Falsters Minder, Nykoebing

Written by Palle Brandt.
Layout, State and press: Centraltrykkeriet, Nykoebing
Photos: Carl Oesten, DSB, Anders Knudsen, Erik Kroeyer, Pia Winther, Palle Brandt and others
Printed in 3000 copies
Number of pages: 58 pages
Format: 24 x 16.5 cm

Caption: Cover page is a painting of S/S 'Edda', one of the steamers which plied the route between Gedser and Rostock from 1886 to ferry service was established in 1903.

'Edda' was built for this crossing, but not included in the DFDS fleet. Upon delivery of B & W trhe newbuilding showed to have so many serious flaws that the company did not want to take over the ship. It was chartered and incorporated by DFDS crew, but sailed with B & W's yellow chimney mark on the Gedser - Warnemünde crossing. 'Edda' was introduced in 1894 and first after renovation purchased by DFDS in 1903.

Under the name 'Courier' it was inserted in the Kalundborg - Aarhus crossing until 1914. The ship entered then in some plans about a quick route between Fehmarn and Roedbyhavn, but plans were stopped by the first World War.
'Courier' was sold to another Danish company, which renamed it the 'Queen Margrethe'. Under this name the old paddle steamer was war wrecked in 1918.

The painting is on the Post & Telegraph Museum in Copenhagen

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