What the old Ones told

of the ancient days of Sydfalster

The great local historian Carl Oesten, himselv from Falster, born in Gedser, tells about his childhood region whose history he knows better that few.

 Carl Oesten - what the old ones told

Carl East: What the old one  told of past days on Sydfalster
128 pages, illustrated B/W drawings and photographs
Publisher: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1964, Copenhagen
Pressing: Andersen & Pedersen, Copenhagen
Cliches: Brothers Baerentzen, Copenhagen

Description (from back cover):

This is local history, told by those who still remember "back then, it was different." The reports include the southern Falster, but the book will interest anyone who wants to know something about the conditions under which the grandfather and great-grandfather had to live; the book's charming tone and the cozy narrative makes one feel in nice company.

Of the many strange sounding items mentioned here just a few:

     Oldbeer with rhum
     Storm Pants
     True drive
     Read fever away
     Bacchus with the barrel
     Volta Cross
     Church parade
     Coins on the dead man's eyes

In addition, the book also includes information on Polish beet workers, agricultural conditions in general, and the author lets maps for 500 years tell about the area's changing topography. About Frederick II's wharf where now the holiday resort "Marielyst" is, the now gone "Boetoe Cove", "Rostock Ferry Port", "Getzoer Kings Manor" and the developmenet of the city Gedser in 1886.

A series of photographs, drawings and maps help to make the book captivating, entertaining and enriching.


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