Bird Station west of the lighthouse (seen from the car park at the beach)

A little information about Gedser Bird Center

Gedser Birds Center just west of Gedser lighthouse is at a crossroads for bird migration routes: The migration of seabirds frequently passing close by Gedser Odde on their way between breeding grounds in the Baltic region and wintering in western Europe. Many raptors, finches, doves and cranes pulling out of the Baltic Sea right here, and the Night migrating songbirds sleevover in the bushes and hedgerows in southern Falster, before heading to southern Europe and Africa.

The thatched house, the premises of Gedser Bird Center, operated by the Danish Ornithological Society Storstrøm Department in collaboration with the Zoological Museum (Ringing Department) and Falster State Forest, which stands as the manager of the site for Forest and Nature Agency.
Accommodation (limited number of beds) and rental of meeting room is also available by appointment.

Here we see ringing of migratory birds performed by Lolland-Falster-Møn Ringing Group, which marks between 6000 and 12000 birds each year. There is public access to the Birds Center, best from the car park at the beach and through the sheepfold. There is ringing almost every weekend and many weekdays of the consecutive season (mostly from August to November), but also at times in the spring.

When visiting the Birds Center you can be so lucky to be presented with the ringing of some of the captured birds. Every year the station organizes an "Open House" with bird migration and ringing in focus. Such events are advertised in newspapers and radio and the DOF-Storstrøm website,

Meeting place: Gedser Bird Center on Gedser Odde. Drive past Gedser lighthouse and park on the large car park at the beach. Go through the sheepfold (Remember to close the joints!) to the thatched house.

Tour managers: Staff at Gedser Bird Center - tel +45 6167-1843 (Hans Lind)
The Center website:
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