Gedesby Mill

Gedesby Mill is Denmark's southernmost Dutch windmill - put into operation on December 16th 1911 by Kristian Hansen and ran until 1947.

The mill ceased to operate at wind power in 1947 and in 1957 began to seriously deteriorate.
A violent hailstorm July 4th made serious damage. The following year the mill was repaired, but already July 17th 1958 there was problems again.
The shaft broke.

Gedesby mill was in its "early days" a thriving business.

In 1916 the master baker Roung took over operation, then came Hartvig Skov.
From 1939 Gail and Eigil Jørgensen were responsible for mill operation, which also came to include a sort of branch of the company LMAF - and later A. Nielsen Co., which traded with seeds, feed and fertilizer.

The mill operation was finally abandoned in 1970 when Eigil Jørgensen started a timber yard in the buildings.

The next years the mill was allowed to slowly decay - until September 1985, when two mill enthusiasts started a large-scale action to preserve Gedesby mill.
Initially, the experiment appeared to fail. Sydfalster municipality would not support the project, and then Mayor Otto Jensen wagered a case of beer with the President of the newly formed Gedesby Mill Society, Torben James Jensen, that the mill wings would never again came to turn. This debt has been settled!

Before the mill guild threwthemselves into the work, the mill owner since 1976, Arthur King, was contacted - and a declaration was made that the mill guild had right of disposal over the wind mill plus a small piece of land around.

A lot of local residents went into work and pulled a big load to earn money for the extensive refurbishment.
It is through an incredible effort managed to get the mill in running order again, and it is still used occasionally.

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