Amateur photographer

Member of the Society for Danish Photography (SDF)

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  • nb02 trianglen 640
  • nb03 tank 640
  • nb04 kamp 640
  • nb05 lady h480
  • nb06 strukturer 640
  • nb07 soemaerker 640
  • nb09 sand 640
  • nb10 surf 640
  • nb11 bornholm h480
  • nb12 ung 640

During the last 30 years been a diligent amateur photographer with a penchant for the monochrome (black / white) photograph and with the participation of national and international exhibitions in 16 countries, including Denmark represented by two world championships (Federation International Art Photography biennials).

Has from the Society for Danish Design been awarded titles EsSDF for work performed in the society's service and ASDF for photographic and artistic quality, and of the international photo Federal FIAP been awarded the title AFIAP for photographic and artistic quality.

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