Local History Archive

Local History Archive


Address: Library Building, School Street 2B, DK-4874 Gedser
Open: Mondays 14:00 to 5:00 p.m. and by appointment
Phone: 5417-0780
Email: mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chairman / Contact: Ellen Krighaar, 5417-9197 - also visit by appointment with the archive manager.
The archive covers the following locality: Skelby, Gedesby and Gedser parishes in Sydfalster municipality.

The Local archive is open to all, whether you contribute to the archive, or not.

The Archives aim is to collect, record and store material of local and family history interest and make it available to those interested. Materials, for example. be records, deeds, other documents, letters, diaries, copies of old newspapers, newspaper clippings, photographs, old postcards, tape and film footage.
The material is sorted and stored safely. Contains material private and sensitive personal information, ribbons placed it in clause agreed between giving and archive. You do not need to give away your treasures to the archives - we also like to  borrow and copy.

Main Collections: Records from associations and individuals. Maps, videos and tapes.

Copy Collections:
Church Books Skelby and Gedesby parishes 1793-1891
Censuses Skelby and Gedesby parishes 1787-1906

Registers: Search Map
Newspapers: Sydfalster News 1976-1987
Borrow rights: No
Study places: 2
Created 1985

  We are looking for race tracks in large and small
in flint ax after harrow
in bog findings jewelry, coarse and crude,
in the church stones, placed by broad hands.
Each moldy paper, each stained altar book,
've saved a grain of family pain and distress;
now they must show me which way I went
and promise me a glimpse of life's mystery.




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