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Gedser Fire Station

The story behind the fire station
During the war, the state railway had a fire emergency, which later around 1946-47 was given to Gedesby / Skelby municipality. It consisted of a trailer pump, Meiszner Jensen with a Ford A engine with a capacity of 1200 liters per minute and 200 meters of linen fire hoses. The first time it was stationed at Strandvej in Gedser with Otto Dybdal as the leader who brought the pump in his private van.
Fire closure surpassed 1974 to Falck and the station is currently staffed with 1 fire patrol leader, 1 team leader and 7 fire men. The current fire engine is a Ford fire truck with 3000 liters of water. All 9 men have their clothes in different places in the car, so it is possible for each fireman to arrive directly at the fire and dress there and so save some extra minutes.
The station is still operating on the traffic convenient location on the main road on the outskirts of Gedser and is now saupporting the Fire Station Nykoebing fire station.

Stationen holder stadig til på den trafikalt gode beliggenhed på hovedvejen ved udkanten af Gedser og er nu hjælpebrandstation for Falckstationen i Nykøbing F.




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