2013 April 28th to 29th

The last piece of the old site - image gallery for Gedesby Riders School was put in place on Sunday morning .... Finally!
But a small disaster happened on Sunday evening - the old gallery module was also used at the artists' pages and were NOT replaced along with the other image galleries ... so it was over and over again but we managed the job however with a slightly different format than the ordinary picture galleries.

2013 April 17

A minor mistake in our slideshow module that proved using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 did, that we have decided to replace all media modules showing slideshows, picture gallerie, flash animations, video and audio - and thus also a higher turnover a lot of pages, picture you and animations. It is finished and posted online - and gives a really good result we may be familiar to present local area - see the menu right 'Information' in 'Photos' and 'Video Clips'.

2013 April 07

Now all articles posted and and the many German and name strange English translations were missing in the old GedserNet is now google-translated and posted online so that virtually all articles now available in all languages.

2013 March 28

So the new GedserNet is now almost finished so we dare present it by simply changing the old system with the new.
Missing even a few articles that will soon be posted online after adapting to the new design (and translation).
The advantages of the new system can be summarized as follows:

  • Mobile ready - for smartphones, tablets etc. (responsive design)
  • User  friendly
  • Expansion possibilities are limitless (almost)
  • Updates
  • Flexibility

2013 March

The basis of the new GedserNet is now in place and we are working hard at getting all content transferred from the old system, while getting the new menu system, a new calendar system, etc. in place. And when it was decided that all content should be published simultaneously in all languages, so we would henceforth get rid of the old problem that there were 100 articles in Danish, 30 in German and only 10 in English. So a lot of content has also been translated - as we are not 3-language correspondents we had to use the Google Translator program to form the basis, and therefore the German and English articles might not always be linguistically perfect (do not mind to receive corrections if you find bugs - big and small - and know what the right formulation should be).

2013 February

In the new Joomla course I work now hard at the basic framework for the new GedserNet with the brand new Joomla 3 to be set up as a 3-language website, while ensuring that it is also in the coming years will work and could be developed as needed.

2013 January

But times change and the mobile gadgets are going to take a larger and larger place in our use of the network in the future, it applies to both mobile phones as tablets and virtually all electronic devices and requirements in the future for a website design is as easily can be seen not alone in both fixed and portable computers, but also mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, etc.

At the same time, our menu system that is java based - like the famous / infamous danish secure NemID - was attacked from the other side ie. the first major security hole that originated in Java software system in its 15 year history. It was stopped fairly quickly, but it is clear to me that it looks as if both Antivirus and Browser companies have a huge grudge against Java, for both continues to offer users to block Java because of security risks ... it is unfortunately also for GedserNet where users must now allow the menu system to start. We can not live with that in the future, so I will use something more course time throughout February to work with the CMS system Joomla.

2012 November

So the time has come to consider a future update of GedserNet where the current design dates back to 2003, the menu system from 1999 and calendar system from 2006. Not because they per se are poor. Calendar and design still works fine, and menystemet was 3 years in a row named the world's best menu system :-) but ... I can see the context around GedserNet may well do with a boost.

The very substantive part and calendar update, I think still do very well, despite the fact that we quite often not are getting much help for updating the information - usually it is depending on ourselves to track down that something is happening or that something else is changed.

But in a November Web Course I becomes aware of the big CMS Joomla open source system, developed after my own training as a web designer was finished, and it looked so exciting that I decided to put myself into what opportunities it might offer GedserNet.


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